Friday, 20 March 2015

Jane Means - Gift Wrapping.

Jane Means book of Gift Wrapping

I cannot stop raving about this fantastic book packed with ideas to add sensational wrapping techniques to a range of products whatever there shape.
Packed with easy instructions of how to style your present.

Or visit a thrift shop and but baubles, netting, ribbons...

Suggests looking around your home and using what you have to dazzle a gift for a loved one.

Soap with neem oil for skin complaints

Our natural soaps would look sensational in classic or brightly coloured papers.

Let's throw in some ideas:
Have you entertained ideas of having a charity craft stall?
Or selling at a school Christmas fayre?
Or hand wrapping your own seasonal gifts.
Newborn or baby shower gifts - our unscented goats milk soap is delicate for babies
Want to be a professional gift wrapper?

Now is the time to start practicing!

Unscented goats milk soap for babies

Essential oil soap

We make the big kilo loaves too - that saves you money.
Ever y single loaf is made in the old fashioned way and cures for four long weeks minimum ... then it is ready for you!

Soap in its curing stage

Jane Means Gift Wrapping book ... is it worth every penny!

Become a professional gift wrapper

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Don't Forget - Stock Clearout!

We are gradually going through stuff and having a CLEAROUT with lots of REDUCED items.

Bundle of mixed beauty skincare job lot for grownups and kids.
 Items like the moisturising body bars contain shea butter which may have traces of nut.

Natural shampoo, hand scrub bars for the gardener, beer soap, foot scrubs... 

The above at full price at around £17 so for half that is a bargain.

Big fabric bundle 
 The big bundle of material sold for £7.99 in a day!
We shall have another huge bundle soon.

So did the bulk soap & bath bomb moulds.

You know when you plan a hobby, buy the stuff and never do anything with it except pack it away?  Well ... we bought charms, crystals, pendants ...and did just that.

If you take a peek at Facebook and would like to offer a price for lots of charms etc then please email me at  I'll simply check how much we can post a free postage, or quote with postage.

These pretty charms are being sold in mixed lots of 8 No. for £1.99 with free postage.
Ideal for phones, handbags or bracelets.


A little bundle of pretty 
 Our little bundles are perfect if you want to give it a go making your own bracelet, or simply to embellish a mobile strap or your handbag ...

Bath Bomb Rocks
 Full price was £4.99 but reduced to 99p.  Being sold off as the bag is a little creased.  The shop put everything into a tub and unfortunately laid heavy soap on top so we are selling them at a reduced price.

You have chunks of scented baileys & cream, and chunks of coconut.
Just drop into the tub and they will fizz away ...
And trust me, it is one way to get a reluctant child into the bath!

Sale reduced lip balms
Vegan Lip Balm

We made one mistake with the labeling - adding a best before date rather than use 12 months after opening.   These are being sold with 8/14 on the label.  
Ray and I use these and the rest are for sale.  
Postage is £1 so you can wait for an invoice or I wil refund the difference.

Also listed is 30g goats milk soap overs with £1 postage.

Thanks so much for visiting ... we receive stats each week and are receiving lots of returning visitors, downloads and unique visits.   Please don't forget to find us on Facebook and like our page ... and maybe you could share our Blogger posts?  We'd love to hear from you!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!
Lesley and Ray

Friday, 6 March 2015

Will Our Loaves of Solid Neem Oil Shampoo Help a Rescue Centre Financially?

Every animal lover wants the best for there animals.

Abandoned dogs and horses find themselves in rescue centres run by kind people who search endlessly for a lover home.

I am a huge animal lover and volunteer in a centre too, giving cats lots of lovely cuddles and stroking.

Donate to a rescue centre
Natural Doggy & Equine Shampoo

Easy to hand cut.
Our blend takes special care of coat and skin.
It cleanses and nourishes.

Horse and Hound's forum has comments from people who have used neem oil.

Naturally Equine features some interesting facts too.

Remember - never use undiluted neem oil.

Horse and Hound forum for neem oil
Chunks of Natural Goodness for your Horse

Neem oil has many functions:

Relieve pain
Excellent for skin conditions
Safe and effective insect repellent

Natural help for killing fleas on my dog
Big chunks for pooch too

If pooch has fleas, bathe him at least twice a week.

Our blend contains coconut oil and olive oil, plus castor oil too.

The benefits are:

Olive Oil: 
naturally moisturises
naturally nourishes
promotes a healthy skin

Coconut Oil:
cleanses and moisturises
contains vitamin E & K

Castor Oil:
naturally foams
Great for the skin!

Safe for humans too!

Our eBay shop.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Discovering the Benefits of Neem Oil - Hair, Skin and Pet Care

I love neem oil...

Have you heard of it?

In India, parts of the neem tree have been used for so very long.

And if you would like to read about which products are good for what, then Discover Neem is an excellent website, and I am about to quote parts of it here.

Quote: "Both neem oiand neem leaf are fantastic skin care ingredients."

We add neem oil to our scent-free shampoo.
Quote: "Used as hair oil neem promotes shiny, healthy hair, combats dryness, prevents premature graying and may even help with some forms of hair loss."

Hubby even uses our shampoo to rub over his skin before stepping into the garden on mozzie days.  The neem oil in our shampoo prevents him from being bitten.  Of course, our product is not a replacement for horrid bugs in malaria affected countries, ok.

Our loaves are full of neem oil

Quote: "One of the top neem benefits is that it lets you avoid harsh chemicals and nasty insecticides when treating conditions like psoriasiseczemascabieshead lice and more.

Neem oil is the cocoa butter or shea butter of the eastan excellent moisturiser, high in Vitamin E, rich in emollients and fatty acids, soothing dry, cracked or otherwise stressed and damaged skin. Unlike petroleum based moisturisers, neem oil actually restores the skin's natural elasticity."

Quote: "Neem relieves dry skin.

It soothes itchiness, redness and irritation.

It improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections."

Our big chunks of soap

Wonderful for Nails

Quote: "Neem oil also makes a great nail oil. No more brittle nails and no more nail fungus."

As well as helping nail discolouration, it is a nail conditioner

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium has a selection of kitty, pooch and equine pet care that contains neem oil too.

200g shampoo for pooch and equine 

These big loaves help a multi dog household or a rescue centre.

Quote: "Neem oil for dogs can help with fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and mange mites.
It promotes a strong immune system, healthy skin, a shiny, problem free coat, strong healthy teeth, all the signs of a radiantly healthy dog.

Dog owners who tried neem oil and neem products rave about the impressive and immediate effect of neem on the health of the dogs."

1kg doggy and equine shampoo
Quote: "The regular use of a neem dog shampoo, and occasional supplementation of dog food with neem leaf, could prevent problems in the first place..."

Can your kitty use our shampoo? YES!
Tip however - it takes two of you to bathe a cat - this is from experience!

Quote: "Neem oil shampoo is safe for cats, even for super sensitive, allergic-to-pretty-much-everything cats. In fact, you will probably find that the use of neem lowers your cat's sensitivity to environmental stresses significantly, and that its immune system in general improves."

Remember, essential oils are not good for cats - we do not use any in our kitty products.

Quote: "Essential oils are often used to mask the smell of neem oil, and cats are very sensitive to essential oils."

Skin soothing balm

Cat flea balm - dogs can use this version too

Quote: "Neem oil shampoo is safe for cats..."   
Grumpy Joe's flea balms contain neem oil.
Quote: "... even for super sensitive, allergic-to-pretty-much-everything cats. In fact, you will probably find that the use of neem lowers your cat's sensitivity to environmental stresses significantly, and that its immune system in general improves.!

And please remember the following.  We do not use essential oils in out pet care and have removed from our shampoo just incase you want to give kitty a bath. 

Re-Quote: "Essential oils are often used to mask the smell of neem oil, and cats are very sensitive to essential oils."

Dog flea balm - cats won't like this balm with essential oils.

Our pooch flea balm has cedarwood essential oil and so a kitty's skin really does not like it...  so please do not use.   We recommend a cat flea balm for both.

So ... what do you think?

Our Folksy shop is full of products full of skin loving goodness, including pet care.
Our eBay shop has lots of lovely skincare too - including a SALE!

Lesley & Ray x

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sale, Reduced, Job Lot, Clearance, End of Line Beauty Skincare for Him, Her & the Kids!!

We decided to have a clearout!

Lots of nourishing and moisturising skincare to buy in bulk with a sale price of from £6.99 
(RRP £18) so a complete bargain!

Stuff for him, her and the kids.

Pop over to eBay ...

We cannot forget our horse and doggys, can we? 
An entire kilo loaf of shampoo that benefits the skin and cleanses is on offer for £10 
(RRP £11.50). Guess what?  It's ok for you to use too!

Pop over to Folksy!

Happy shopping...
Lesley and Ray x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

We Shall Be Back ....

Fighting of the January Blues...

Are you?

Posts will be up and running again soon...


Pop over and comment on our Facebook page. Tag us ... it would be sooo welcomed.

Or support and share Grumpy Joe's Found and Lost Pet page on Facebook.  
Joey was once a missing house cat.  He has been home since 2005.
Sam, his ginger and white friend, is still missing in Peterborough.
Any shares welcome.

Love us and all the best for 2015.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Buddy the Winner with his prize!

Buddy was the winner of our pet competition and his mum sent us a special picture!


One, two, three ... ahhhh...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

SALE: Hand Scrub for the Gardener & Sexy Soap for men.

We have a pre-Christmas Sale for both our handmade skincare.

Nip over to eBay  or Folksy  ... or both!

Sexy Man Soap

For dirty hands!

Our creamy foot scrub offers some super TLC.
We have to as a SALE product for the festive holidays but if you'd like a bar much earlier, get in touch!

All our love!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Decorating Soap with Ribbons, Flowers, Baubles ...

Weekend I thought I would play around with the contents of my craft box!

Well, you never know what you might find...

I'd been watching Jane Means DVD ... she is THE gift wrapping guru.

Soap n Things - wrapping soap for christmas

I wrapped soap in corrugated card.

After a good search in my craft box I chose:
cream rose
sparkly bauble

I secured the card with tape.
The rose 'stem' I folded back on itself and twisted it to ensure no sharp edges.
Then I wound the gold ribbon around the 'stem' and attached.

The green ribbon I threaded through the glittery bauble
Then tied a bow...

I love them!
And guess what ... took the plunge and put them on eBay.

The pretty green one is Tea Tree. 
And the delicate rose is Geranium.

And pleased to say ... I put on a kilo Tea Tree loaf and with two minutes one sold!

Love us xx

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to Make Your Own Christmas Pud Bath Bombs!

Making your own Christmas Pud bath bombs is fun and easy ... honestly.

150g bicarbonate of soda
60g citric acid
50g cornflour
80g shea butter
50g coconut oil
0.5g cappuccino mica colour
6g bailey and cream fragrance oil or other festive fragrance oil essential oil.
Red mica glitter
Green mica glitter

Coconut oil

Tray or baking tray
Foil or greaseproof paper
Artist paint brush

Where to buy the Ingredients?
We recommend Bath Bomb Biz, based down South. They are always there to help too!

Mix the bicarbonate of soda with the citrus acid (it’ll make a fizz when dropped in the tub!)

Mix in the cornflour.

Add a drop or two of your chosen scent.  

Add your cappuccino colour

Mix it all together.

Put your dry mixture aside.

Now, melt the shea butter with the coconut oil.  You can use the microwave. 
Please keep watching.
Remember - shea butter may contain traces of nut.  
Add the oil to your powder mix (be careful not to burn yourself) and mix!

Forming into Puds:
Now you are ready to handmake into little cappuccino puds.
So, when a little cooler, take some of the mix and form into balls – and don’t worry if uneven.  These are handmade, remember.
Lay on to your tray and leave for a minimum of 2 days.


Now you are ready to add the ‘brandy butter’.
Pour a little cold coconut oil into a yogurt pot or mug, and with your paint brush, paint the top of each pud.

Soap n Things - how to make Christmas bath bombs

Put the extra cornflour into a bowl and dip the wet part of your pud into it .

Or do as Ray does, put the cornflour into a sieve and shake over the puds - maybe to some music!

That’s the ‘brandy sauce’ finished.

Leave for a few hours.
The cornflour will stick to the oil.

Soap n Things - how to make brandy butter on bath bomb christmas puds

Keep away from heat as the shea butter and oils will melt.
Dry in a cool place or the fridge.

What about the Holly & Ivy?
When solid, dab a little more oil to the top of the 'brandy butter'.  
Sprinkle green mica glitter as festive holly.
Then red for Christmasy berries. 
Pop back in the fridge. 
Leave for a few days.

Soap n Things - how to make bath bomb christmas puds

Some may crumble, some may not.

We do recommend gifting them nestled inside a box.
Please remember that if lining with tissue, add florist cello and lay the puds on top.  
Why?  The oils and butter will absorb the colour and after all your hard work ...well...we wouldn't want them to spoil.

Just add one pud to the bath.  Remember that the oils and butter may make the bath slippery .
The colour may leave a residue around the tub but I promise, with the cheapest bath cleanser it will come off!

Don't they look so pretty and handmade?

And British!

If you prefer to buy a mould, then it is a long method unless you buy lots.
If not, simply stick with the messy way which, let's face it, is more fun in a Christmasy way!

Our popular Christmas Puds will be back at The Cats Pyjamas Emporium in Wisbech following lots of requests!

Merry Christmas!
Love Lesley & Ray x

Monday, 1 December 2014

Winner: Grumpy Joe's Furball Christmas Competition 2014

Grumpy is happy to announce the winner of his very first furball competition!

In fact, all thought all furry entrants deserved a prize.

Is it you?

First prize to Buddy for his cuteness and holding his pet balm!

Runner up prizes go to....

 Rani for pure beauty

To Cookie for helping Mum do the ironing!

A message to their Mummy's ...
please email me your address so as I can post their gift in time for Christmas.

Grumps sends them happy purrs...