Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Octavia Hill's Birthplace House

Soap n Things' creamy, natural, cruelty free, old-fashioned goats milk soap is now available at Octavia Hill's Birthplace Museum gift shop.  

Read about Octavia Hill here at the National Trust's website,  co-founder of the National Trust and a social reformer.

Born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, the public are welcome to visit Octavia's birthplace at        
7 South Brink,  PE13 1JB.  The building itself is a Grade II listed. There is parking, disabled facilities and a tea room!

Octavia Hill's Birthplace, National Trust, Cambs. Soap n Things. Bath Bomb Creations
Full of nutrients

Co Founder of the National Trust . History of the Natural Trust. Soap n Thinsg old fashioned goats milk soap.
Natural skincare

Don't forget to pop along to The Cat's Pyjamas Emporium too for more natural skincare, plus pet care.  The store is a little 'portabello' tucked away along Union Street and is so worth a visit too!

And we are on eBay, Folksy and Etsy so visit the web-blog home page and click on the top tabs!

Friday, 18 April 2014

What's in a name?.

A name can say a lot...

Lesley & Ray a proud to announce a new name for its ever growing natural skincare collection.

The story:

Once upon a time Bath Bomb Creations was just that, beautiful British handcrafted fizzy bath bombs made by my sister as unique and successful wedding favours. 

Time moved on...

We joined The Bathtime Team!   I indulged in a little blogging and Ray, in a pinny, began making old fashioned soap.  My sister, a whizz at figures,  chose hours of studying to better her career prospects so departed.

Bath Bomb Creations applied and gained its full cosmetic licence which meant we could legally make and sell lots of lovely British made nourishing skincare for men, women and babies.

So, what natural stuff is on offer?
Goats milk soap (with or without neem oil).
Shampoo (vegan friendly)
Nail & cuticle balm
Moisturising bath melt bar
Soap with essential oil
Lip balm (vegan friendly)
Beer soap
Baby soap
Gardeners soap
Foot scrub

Where do you sell?
The Cats Pyjamas Emporium, Union Street, Wisbech, Cambs
Octavia's Hill Museum Gift Shop, Wisbech, Cambs
Etsy, Folksy, eBay

I continued tapping away at my lap top to promote us.  Ray bought another pinny.

By golly, reading pages and pages of ingredients we can use with our cosmetic licence and taking note of ingredient labeling in supermarkets, especially those claiming to be natural, but are not, was so alarming!  The Bathtime Team promises that our finished products do not have a drop of chemical in them. OK, we use fragrance oil in some products but at least it is not a bunch of blended chemicals.

Admittedly we delved into melt and pour but as Ray stirred over a hot bowl of soap base,  we had a wife and hubby chat.   Like you do.  

We would rather go natural.  Skincare, that is!   So our soap supplies are up for sale.   Pop over to eBay ... it'll mean lots of fun with the kids over the holidays and for £7.80 and free postage that's not bad!  

So sticking to 'natural', Ray makes old fashioned soap blended with goats milk and it is divine and creates a natural lather instead of a chemical based foaming agent.  And just launched is a shea butter ultimately luxurious soap that will be arriving at The Cats Pyjamas on the 19th April.  We shall even pop one online!

Goodness, we even thought of our furry family - scrutinizing ingredients in famous flea treatment, Ray stood over a hot stove once more and began making flea balms for cats and dogs, and soothing balms for cats, horses and dogs and wow!  He is a man of talent. 

As Grumpy Joe's, named after our real-life grumpy kitty, we have we sold lots and and lots! 

 It's cost effective and works.  Our balms are available as a mix n match online with a super deal including free postage.

Just for cats

We have so much promising feedback...

Have we scrapped bath bombs, you ask?
As I blog, Ray is breaking up his colourful fizzy alsorts (bath bomb rocks) and filling his little window bags.  The label is created... yes, he is talented in design work too.

And as time goes on, our little Norfolk based natural skin care and pet care business will grow in its collection with an assortment of lovely goodies. 

One of our new products - and it works!

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium keeps it's name for pet care.

And for skincare, Soap n Things is born...

Lesley & Ray x

Soap Base Supplies with Free Postage

Soap n Things
Handmade Pampering Luxuries and Pet Care

We are no longer making melt & pour soap so offer our soap base supplies for anyone who wishes to make there own soap.

900g for £7.80 and free postage.

Crystal Melt & Pour Opaque
The rose photo shows what you can make.  We've add a touch of sparkling pearlescent as a dash of glamour shimmer!  It's a natural mica colour and can be purchased on eBay.

The rose mould was bought from Hobbycraft but you can buy various silcone moulds from Poundland.

Great fun for the kids (under supervision).

Full How To Make ... on ebay.
The rose give a better idea of the soap base whiteness too.

With added natural cosmetic white pearlescent colour

Manufactured by Stephensons.

This is a mild, high glycerine content based opaque melt and pour soap. 

Suitable for most skin types.

It can be perfumed and coloured. (not sold with soap base)

It moisturises and foams.

Free harshest SLS
Free from parabens
It is manmade.
Animal cruelty free. 
Purchased by us and we are covered by a full cosmetic licence.

aqua, glycerin, sodium sterate, sorbitol, sodium laurate, propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, disodium lauryl,  sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, stearic acid, lauric acid, titanium dioxide, pentasodium pentetate, tetra sodium etidronate

If you plan to sell soap, please ensure you have a cosmetic licence if adding colour and scent.  This can be purchased from Safety Cosmetic Assessment.

Or make as gifts for family and friends.

To wrap, we recommend heat wrap cellophane. Just seal with a hairdryer.
Please store tightly wrapped in cling film.

Pop over to ebay.
Any questions, please ask Lesley and Ray

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bath Bomb Creations' New Lines...

Some products coming soon ...

Still on the production shelf as they cure...

Traditionally made soap for gardeners by bath bomb creations

The loaf above is our new Gardeners Soap.
We have said goodbye to melt and pour gardeners soap, hence supplies being up for sale on eBay.

Our new soap is made traditionally so and proper old fashioned!

Contains oats and essential oils...

We plan on using some in rustic gift boxes (ready 'n' waiting upstairs) as a Father's Day gift for Dad, Grandad or Uncle...

baby soap or pretty soap by bath bomb creations

Above we have pure Goats Milk Soap.

Now Ray and I have a difference of opinion.

He says:
baby soap with matching wrap. Makes a great baby gift.

I say:
flip 'em over and pop a rose in the top, nestle in a cello bag and tie with twine and sell to adults.

And I say:
by mini moulds for baby soaps.

Tell us what you think...?

beer soap made traditionally for men by bath bomb creations. ideas for men's soap

And lastly our new Beer Soap ... and no, you won't smell like a brewery!
Presently on the curing shelf, Ray added some colour too.

Please let us a comment!

National Pet Month: 1st April to 5th May & Introduction to our first Natural Vegan Soothing Balm

Just in time for National Pet Month, Grump Joe would like to introduce his Vegan Soothing Balm.

vegan and natural pet care by bath bomb creations & grumpy joes
Contains Candelilla Wax

Our balm is made for the dog, cat and horse who prefers vegan products.   These is an age limit  ... 6 to 8 weeks.  We have had a dog discharged from the vet from using our balm so Grumpy Joe are sooo please he can help!

From 5th April, our vegan balm will be available in Swaffham and Norwich Gift Emporium.
And very soon, The Cat's Pyjamas in Wisbech.

Why not pop over the website for National Pet Month.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Animal Cruelty Free Policy

Bath Bomb Creations & Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium is opposed to animal testing or cruelty to any innocent animal.

Our beauty skincare and pet care balms & shampoo are free from Palm Oil, SLS, Cocoamide DEA, Parabens.  We oppose any form of animal testing and do not test on animals, or use any materials that have been tested on innocent animals.

Our collection is natural although we use a manmade fragrance oil in our foot scrub and occasionally in our bath melt bars, and cherry flavor oil in our lip balm.  These materials have not been tested on animals.

We no longer make melt and pour soap and are selling the last of our material with free postage.   If making to sell, please remember you need a cosmetic licence.

We check with suppliers as to whether there products and materials are cruelty free.

Mothers Nature:
Yes I can confirm that our products are animal cruelty free. 

Bath Bomb Biz: Ltd
Unit 4 Bessemer Park
RG21 3NB

Animal Testing

There has been a testing ban on cosmetic ingredients in place under EU law since 2009. 
Finished product testing was banned in 2004.

Products supplied to Ltd and offered for sale by Ltd are not tested on animals.


Amanda Barber
Director Ltd

Scent Perfique:We offer quality assured Fine Fragrance Oils which are all IFRA and EU compliant and are not tested on Animals. Our Fragrance Oils are a blend of Natural, Nature Identical and Synthetic Aromatic Materials.

Fresh Skin:
I can confirm it is our company policy that we do not test any of our products on animals.

I can confirm that the Classikool Castor Oil is not tested on animals.

Our animal cruelty free products are available at:

 Online: eBay, Folksy, Etsy

Instore at:

 The Cats Pyjamas Emporium in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.
Swaffham Gift Emporium, Market Place, Norfolk (April 2014)
Norwich Gift Emporium, The Lanes, Norfolk (approx April 2014)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Travel Size. Sample Size. Roses & Off-cuts of Foot Scrub, Scented Soap, All Natural Soap & Dog Shampoo

There's nothing better than knowing you are buying something British handmade!

And knowing you can try a sample before the big one!

And these are ideal travel size.

And as natural wedding favours.

We always make these little roses as an extra something pretty and lovely.

Even for your furry pooch

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium sample, travel, test before you buy all natural dog shampoo./
All natural dog shampoo
Contains neem oil to rid your doggy's coat of horrid  fleas.
Our Victorian chunks first went on sale at Woodgreen's Christmas fayre and sold well.
So many people are anti-chemical for there pets now.
Oh, and it is suitable for horses too.

Business ideas:
We can hand crafts lots of lovely 25g roses in batches of 15 and you add to you doggy gifts?
Or buy a 1kg loaf to use in your doggy grooming business?

Bath Bomb Creations pampering heaven all natural, scent free human shampoo. Try before you buy for businesses too
All natural beauty shampoo
 Not forgetting us humans!
Our shampoo is pure and natural and without any scent what so ever.
Perfect for children too.
Ideal of you have fine hair (my looks thicker) or scalp conditions.
It's made in the old fashioned way so cures for no less that 4 long weeks.

Business idea:
Makes an unusual Wedding favour! 25g roses are hand made in batches of 15.

bath bomb creations all natural wedding favours
The roses make a fabulous natural Wedding Favour!
Do you believe in pure and natural products?
Go green and choose natural goats milk soaps as a skin friendly wedding favour.

bath bomb creations all natural and scent free shampoo for kids and adults
All natural goats milk soap
It's just a simple blend but with lots of benefits.  
Moisturising olive oil, lots of vitamins in the goats milk to help dry skin and coconut oil to leave radiant skin!

Bath bomb creations soap, shampoo, foot scrub samples, travel soaps
All natural goats milk soap with neem oil
 We have the inclusion of neem oil blended with our goats milk soap. From the neem oil tree it is anti bacterial, soothing and moisturising.  You can see why it's chosen as the natural oil for skin.
Bath Bomb Creations offcuts of traditional soaps and shampoo, foot scrub
Selection of samples (from the left): goats milk soap, foot scrub, scented soap, shampoo
Above we have off-cuts from soap, foot scrub, shampoo and gives you the opportunity to buy and try before opting for the biggie bar.

Don't forget!
You can find our products in store...
The Cats Pyjamas Emporium, Wisbech, PE13
Swaffham Gift Emporium, Market Place (from 5th April)
Norwich Gift Emporium, The Lanes (opening April)

Find our travel size, samples, try it first products on eBay week commencing Monday 17th March. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Treat Your Feet with our Foot Scrub

Treat those feet to Winter pampering ...

They've been tucked away in socks and boots.

The Spring is on it's way and thoughts of sun-kissed countries, white sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans.

Bath Bomb Creations - treat your feet to to some pampering
Natural  foot scrub with (manmade) coconut fragrance oil

We have a single 100g bar available on Folksy, the British handmade online shop that sells the best that British artisans have to offer.

Bath Bomb Creations has a foot pampering loaf curing too (we handmade the old-fashioned way!) and will be ready for sale in 100g bars and 200g chunks very soon.   Lots of businesses purchase our Goats Milk loaves ... have you considered a 1kg Foot Scrub loaf?

Why not put together a beauty box as an extra special gift for Mum on Mothers Day?
We can post up to 800g of products for £2.80 (excludes Gift Bag). 

Lesley & Ray x

Friday, 7 February 2014

Gift Wrapped All Natural Goats Milk Soap - £3

Craftseller always have lots of pretty paper inside there fantastic magazine.
The magazine is aimed at those within the crafting business.

We thought we'd add a selection of our All Natural Goats Milk soap nestled inside hand wrapped tantalizing paper, tied with ribbon with an added tag.

We also have a a Victorian chunk wrapped in 100% Silk too.

The tag can easily be removed if you have your own.

It makes a wonderful gift.

Our February 2014 price is £3.

Bath Bomb Creations #naturalbeauty #goatsmilk #personalisedgift
Every ingredient is natural

Bath Bomb Creations #psoriasis #eczema #babies #sensitiveskin
Makes a wonderful gift

Our prettily wrapped gifts are available online and in-store at The Cat's Pyjamas, Wisbech.

Bath Bomb Creations Full of powerful nutrients for the skin
Gift wrapped for him too!

And American store Etsy (UK branch)

Cats Pyjamas Emporium, Wisbech. Find our #naturalsoaps at #etsy #ebay #folksy #catspyjamas
Our soap is full of wonderful nutrients to help the skin

Or perhaps a personalised tag?

Bath Bomb Creations gift wrapped soaps
An unusual Valentine gift for her

Bath bomb Creations Natural goats milk soap as a beauty gift
An assortment of tags available

Be My Valentine
Happy Mothers Day
Happy Birthday
Happy Fathers Day
Natural Handmade Goats Milk Soap by Bath Bomb Creations.

Bath Bomb Creations. natural goats milk soap made with fresh goats milk
Wrapped for him...

Not forgetting eBay and Folksy

Bath Bomb Creations. Pure soap as a gift for the man in your life
Natural soap gift wrapped in 100% silk for him

Bath Bomb Creations. Natural soap in 200g Victorian chunks
Pretty in Pink ... pure soap is excellent for the skin

Bath Bomb Creations gift wrapped soaps for him
Does the man in your life prefer pure soap for his skin?

Bath Bomb Creations natural soap
A little present for a birthday, mothers day ... or simply to say you care

Bath Bomb Creations. Soap for beauty routine, psoriasis, eczema
Natural soap gift wrapped with its own tag.

Lesley & Ray would love to know what you think?
If this is something you would purchase as a gift?

I am busy making small gift bags as mothers day gifts from the kids to Mummy...

Don't forget to pop over to Wendy's Handmade Monday to see lots of other crafts...

#mothersday #personalisedgifts #giftwrapped soap #naturalsoap #giftset #beautygift

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I Love You ...

Happy Valentine!

We have been handmaking gift bags filled with romantic heart bath melts, and gift wrapping  natural goats milk soap with a Be My Valentine gift tag, in readiness for The Cats Pyjamas Emporium opening on January 21st.

Next we'll make pretty gift bags for eBay, Folksy and Etsy.

Handmade Valentine Gift Bags - handmade bath melts
Embellished with a pink bauble

Bath Bomb Creations. Floral cerise gift bags for Valentine at The Cats Pyjamas, Wisbech
Tied lovingly with ribbon

Bath Bomb Creations handmade valentine gift for girlfriend, wife, lover
Nestled inside are sensual heart bath melts

Visit The Cats Pyjamas
In Craftseller magazine they have several pages of pretty paper, so we hand wrapped our natural goats milk soap, tied with ribbon with a button for embellishment and a Be My Valentine gift tag. We've uploaded a couple on eBay too!

Why not gift wrap your own? We have 1kg goats milk soaps on eBay for £8.

Small Valentine gift for him - sensitive skin, allergy
Natural goats milk soap gift wrapped for him

Valentine gift for her
Natural goats milk soap gift wrapped for her

Available on eBay too

Valentine gift of natural soap tied with heart ribbon and rose tag
Rustic hand stamped gift bag with natural goats milk soap

Bath Bomb Creations beauty gift bag
A small gift for Valentine

Hand stamped

Moisturising bath bar for Valentine.
Valentine wrapped baileys & cream bath bar

Bath Bomb Creation. valentine gift for her and for him under £3
Scented with fragrance or essential oil

Calvin Klein One scent - valentine gift
For Him - scented with a scent similar to CK One.

Bath Bomb Creations. Romantic and sensual bathing Valentine gift
Lavender Essential Oil

We'd love to know what you think?

Very soon we'll launch Valentine and Mothers Day gift on eBay, Folksy and Etsy.
There is sooo much to do. Are you fining the same?
I am updating eBay. Including Sale products available from the 19th. Feel free to give us an offer!
Next is Etsy and Folksy then Pinterest.

Meanwhile, see you over at Handmade Monday!