Saturday, 22 November 2014

Black Friday: 28 November 2014 at Soap n Things & Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium


Grab a 10% offer for one day only.

Friday 28th November 2014.

Select your goodies from Folksy, Etsy, or Ebay.

Get 10% off your one total purchase (excludes carriage).

I'll send you an invoice with discount applied.

Pay and we shall do the rest!

Just nip back to our Home Page.  Go to the tabs and click on the shop.

Lesley& Ray x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Decorating Soap to Gift for Christmas, Birthday, Craft Fayre, Business Craft

Make a gift with our hand made soap.

Take a peek at Folksy, Etsy, and eBay

Making your Christmas inexpensive.... and fun!

Easy to hand cut in to chunks, squares or bars
Our loaves make a fun Christmas because you can put together you own festive gift for Christmas without it costing the earth.

Our loaf has the consistency of cheese.

You can cut in chunks, squares or bars.

There are so many embellishments available to pretty up soap: pearls, flower buds, studs, raffia with flowers, paper with gems, festive items...  then nestle inside a basket or gift bag or decorated box.  If you click on the image it will take you to the seller if you would like to buy there work.

If adding coloured tissue, we do recommend laying a sheet of florist cello on top.  Why? Well, our soaps contain lots of nourishing oils which would absorb the oils.

Just push then gently in to your soap.

Ok, these are soap tubs but the wire flowers show you how you can embellish soap to then gift them

We appreciate postage affects a purchase.
One loaf will cost you £4.80
Up to 4 loaves will cost you £5.80.

Above all, what fund to make your own Christmas gifts!

Lesley & Ray x

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas Gift Set Ideas for My Wife, Girlfriend, Aunt, Sister...

Men ... are you looking for present ideas for a woman?

That quick and easy gift ?

Something lovely but which you do not have worry about anything except buying the gift bag?

Soap n Things - natural pampering skincare gift idea for wife, mother, mum, mummy, sister, aunt
Gift for her
A special Christmas price of £6.99.

Our lip balms were suggested in Style at Home Christmas 2013 as the perfect Christmas cracker gift so you see, we make good quality skincare!

Our facial cleanser is completely natural and blended with aloe vera that stimulates skin cell regeneration.

Our lip balms are: vegan, beeswax or fruity cherry for kissable lips.

Our nail care is divine and infused with zesty lemon essential oil and using twice daily last for months.

We have a lovely Facebook page so please pop over too.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Gift Idea: Rudolph Flannel by Posh Bird Creations.

Posh Bird Creations is taking part in Creative Connections annual Craftfest.

Over 40 virtual stalls for you to browse and shop.

I fell in love with Rudolph!

What a super gift idea for a child ... and to get the kids washing behind those ears!

If you'd like to visit Lyn's stall, then pop over ... and her website will be live soon.

Soap n Things. Posh Bird Creations.  Soap and Flannel Christmas Stocking gift for a child
Isn't he cute?

There are lots of superb stalls selling gifts, cards, presents for the home, clothes, food,  pets products and ... fun stuff for the kids...

Posh Bird Creations is on Facebook .... and so are we so if you have a few minutes to spare, pop over and say hello to us all.

Soap n Things and Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium has virtual stall too.
We've been busy setting it up - our stall will be live at Craftfest November 15th and 16th.
We've been busy pinning and pinning to Pinterest, and there are some great crafts pinned to the CraftFest Yellow Pinboard so pop over!

So ... let us know what you think of Rudolph ... and if you buy one!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Soap n Things and Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium - #CRAFTfestUK

Thinking of sofa Christmas shopping this year?

It's sooo easy ... especially with a glass of wine nearby.

Even if you do not buy, why not visit our stall ... and we'd love to hear from you!

Our virtual stall is live 15th and 16th November 2014.

Pop see us and lots of other talented crafters at our Christmas Market!

Lots of love & hugs,

Make Your Own Christmas Fireplace for Santa!

The kids will love it.

I found this at The Cats Pyjamas Emporium Facebook page.

Looks as it you just need:

 boxes and boxes
parcel tape
white paper
red paper
scissors and glue.

Santa needs something to climb down and deliver all those gifts, right?!

Gift idea for a Young Adult, Teenager, Brother, Husband, Step Dad, Uncle...

Men are soooo hard to buy for...

So we have put together a gift set of soap and facial blemish salve.

Should you prefer vintage, just ask us to change the salve to our Gentlemen's Club Aftershave Salve...

You like it but not the soap?

Well, you can buy the aftershave salve all on its own!

Our salve is lovely... 

Tea tree helps skin problems.
Vegetable glycerin moisturises skin.
Witch hazel is skin healing.
Aloe vera to helps skin complaints.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Saturday, 8 November 2014


A very quick reminder that our competition ends 1st December at midnight.

Win a natural nail and cuticle balm by clicking here


Enter your pet and let them win a prize! Just place a paw print here.

Lots of luck!

Lesley & Ray x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Promoting Your Business with Professional Crafters Guild # Part 1

We all ask:

"How can I get my business name out there?"

Read on ...

Are you a member of the Profession Crafters Guild?

We are creating a Christmas Brochure/booklet which will be published online and available to download all over the place and all of our members are welcome to take part.

If you would like to be included please email me with the following:

Standard Members:
• Your business name
• A brief (one short paragraph) describing your business
• A clear, well taken image of one of your products
• One working website URL (online store, website, facebook page etc)
• last order date before Christmas if you have one

Premium Members:
• Your business name
• A brief (one short paragraph) describing your business
• FOUR clear, well taken images of your products plus descriptions and prices
• One working website URL (online store, website, facebook page etc)
• last order date before Christmas if you have one

We will need these by 20th November at the latest please to give me time to create the booklets.

Email to:

Saturday, 1 November 2014

This Christmas Why Not Support Your Local Store that Sells Handmade Products?

Will you be enjoying High Street shopping for your Christmas gifts?

It's fun.

Christmas lights, singing along to a carol or two, wrapped up against the biting wind or snow, passing seasonal decorations, stopping in a warm tearoom for a hot chocolate and mincepie...

We love November & December, don't we?

Don't forget those little boutiques that are filled with handmade goods made by your local artisan.  

When a family member opens such a gift, they seem to love it all the more because it isn't a mass produced brand.  It makes it much more special.
Soaps, Foot Scrub and Shampoo

Wisbech has a store called The Cat's Pyjamas Emporium and inside are the most wonderful products lovingly handmade ... and ... preloved dresses for those New Year parties...

We all love a big name store but have you thought of a little gift that is lovingly made by talented people?

Rustically wrapped soaps

We are there too.

Big chunks of old fashioned soaps full of nutrients

Enjoy shopping!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stock Remaining for 2014 - Don't Leave it too Late!

   Christmas Thoughts ....

We thought we'd let you know what skincare and pet care we have remaining for 2014 .
Who knows, you may consider natural beauty products as a little different Christmas gift....

Please scroll down...

Or perhaps you are considering putting together your own Christmas gift bags or boxes this year?

Soap n things - wrap pretty soap in colourful paper
Natural soaps look pretty in colourful paper

Soap n things - skincare gift boxes
Nestle skincare inside boxes
Men out there! Our gift boxes will be available at The Cats Pyjamas early November but the Spa Bags are available now.

Your loved one would adore a box or bag of luxurious skincare on Christmas morning ...

Soap n Things - handstamping paper bags
Hand stamp paper bags and add skincare skins.

Gift wrap in brown paper

So ... what do we have left  online at Etsy, Folksy and eBay

Cold process skin care:

200g Shampoo (available Etsy, Ebay online)

100g Shampoo (available Etsy , Folksy & in store – last of stock)

1kg Shampoo (available Etsy , Folksy. 2 No remaining online – last of stock)

White Foot Scrub (sold out online so  in store online.)

100g Goats Milk soap (selection gift wrapped in store.  Limited stock online.)

200g Goats Milk soap (Etsy, Folksy online and in store – last of stock)

100g Goats Milk with Neem soap (1 No. on eBay)

200g Goats Milk with neem soap (2 left on Ebay)

1kg Goats Milk soap (2 left on Ebay)

1kg Goats Milk with Neem soap (Etsy, Folksy & Ebay. Last 6 No loaves)

Gardener Soap gift (1 No only Folksy?

100g Tea Tree & Goats Milk soap (Ebay and in store)

100g Geranium & Goats Milk soap (Ebay and in store)

1kg Tea Tree Soap loaves (ready 1st November approx)

Cold process pet care:

200g pet shampoo (online at Etsy, Folksy and in store –last of stock)

1kg pet shampoo (one left – please ask)

Made fresh to order:

Pet balms on Etsy, Folksy, Ebay and in store.

Facial cleanser on Etsy, Ebay and in store

Gentlemen’s Club aftershave salve on Etsy, Ebay and in store

Teenager's blemish & acne salve on Etsy and in store

Nail fungal balm on Folksy and in store

Nail & cuticle balm on Folksy, Ebay and instore

Lip balms on Folksy. Instore 1/11/14

Spa Bags, Gift Boxes:

A selection are at The Cat's Pyjamas in Wisbech.

Have fun shopping wherever that may be.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Natural Shampoo that will Boost, Cleanse, Foam and Nourish Hair

There is something special about our Natural Shampoo.

Not only does it leave your hair in better shape and condition, it lasts soooo long.

Soap n things - best shampoo for afro hair
Coconut Oil is beneficial for black hair
Neem oil has lots of benefits for the scalp, thinning hair or simply for natural beauty, once blended in our shampoo, it becomes unscented.

And guess what?  Rub a dry bar on your legs and arms, go outside and do some gardening and ... the bugs will avoid biting you. Honest!

The oils help your hair naturally.

We have checked percentages of the oils so please don't think it'll leave your hair heavy - it won't.
Trust me, I've tried it and our shampoo passed.

Soap n Things - shampoo to help scalp conditions & thinning hair
Neem oil helps scalp conditions
And look at this! 
It foams thanks to castor oil.

Soap n Things - naturally foaming shampoo - what creates a natural foam in cosmetics
Naturally foaming

As you can see, our shampoos look hand made.

The colour depth can differ but that's because our shampoo is preservative free.

Our natural skincare makes the ideal gift for a loved one with sensitive hair or scalp ... and we do not increase the price.

Soap n Things - natural shampoo for trade, craft fayres
Bulk natural shampoo

Have you thought of putting together a selection on natural skincare as a present for someone this year?


Geranium, Tea Tree or unscented soap
Nail & Cuticle balm
Lip balm
Facial Cleanser or Aftershave Salve

The choice is endless!

And it is Vegan friendly.

My family looove when I buy British Handmade gifts for them.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Senior Health Check - for your Pet

My lovely furball Joey ... otherwise known as Grumps.

I love him to bits.

Senior health check for cats and dogs - think Kidney problems for cats and dogs
Joey - once a missing kitty too.  Home safe, of course.

The Real-Life Grumpy Joe:
This is nothing to do with our products but something for senior pets as I love animals.

Grumps went to the vet because a well-known brand food gave him an allergic reaction (nothing wrong with the food ... just Grumps not suited to it).

Because he is 10 the vet suggested a Feline Senior Health Check (£47 net) and a urine test. (Litter and syringe £2.47 net. Took us two weeks to get a sample ourselves).

Grumps has mild kidney problem, which by sheer chance of going to the vet for something else, was found in time.  

He has a food supplement called Renalzin (vet £15.42 net) and we shall take another urine sample in November to check his progress.

 The vet suggested Grumps goes onto senior food as it contains ingredients for an animals kidneys. 

We'd started him on Purina Senior 7+ this summer (supermarket £10 when on offer). 

We bought the second lot of Renalzin from Vetsuk, which was cheaper. 
We use VetsUk often.

So, if you have a senior animal, the check is worth it.  
And at least start them on senior food by their 7th year. 

I lost my darling dog to kidney problems and don't wish Grumps to go through that.
I know more now.

Happy purrs from Grumps x  

Oh, and he asks would you support other missing pets out there and follow the social media accounts and share etc... purrs?
He says he was missing 2 months and hated it and sooo happy to be home.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Selling & Shopping Online: Worldwide Christmas Online Fayre 2014

Craft Fest is the place to Christmas shop!   

Or sell your makes for the first time.

Over 250 stalls worldwide.

Thousands visit.

Booking form closes October 24th 

"What is it like?"
It's easy - and soooo friendly with lots of advice and help. 
And a fantastic Crafting Community to receive and give support.

What You Need to Know:

Upload and sell up to 99 of your wonderful products.
Include every web link as people will click on these to buy your items.
Everyone 'spreads the word' about Craft-fest as a whole.
Be featured on Craft-Fest Facebook and Pinterest 
Meet and make lots of crafting buddies!

So ... thinking about it?

Join Creative Connection first as you will create your album of goodies here.
Decide which weekend or all that you wish your stall to be live.
Book a stall at Craft-Fest Events.

Don't forget:

You need an avatar - someone at Creative Connection will know someone who can design you one.

These are ours:
Skincare for thinning hair, eczema, psoriasis, brittle nails, natural beauty etc

Natural pet care
Once you join your team leader will contact you and supply a Handbook to explain what you have to do.
Jane is our leader and we are in the Yellow Team.
For example, start adding your photos to your Creative Connection album and name it.
Ours is called Christmas Craft-fest 2014 Soap n things & Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium
Confused and over-whelmed?  Read the F&Q section

There's lots of Marketing advice.
Flyers, badges etc ... ideal for social media, or print off and display in the car, at work, local noticeboard...

Has that tempted you?

Feel free to add your stall links here too.
We have had over 46,000 visitors and last week 182 page downloads.

See you at Craft-Fest!

Lesley & Ray x