Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Handmade Christmas Soap Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is coming ...

Have you thought of an extra special present for family and friends?

But what about gift wrapping your own mark?  

Pinterest has tons of ideas. Just key in Soap Wrapping in the search bar.

Our natural holistic soaps and shampoo loaves are not expensive, suit all skin types and benefit the skin naturally ... and do not contain any chemicals.

Easy to hand cut and embellish and make into lots of presents, saving your Christmas purse too.

Soap n Things - buying Christmas gifts from Norfolk
And you support us as British crafters

 Every loaf comes with a single wrap.

You can handcut into as many bars, chunks or cubes as you wish.

Soap n Things - Christmas gift ideas that are inexpensive
Kilo loaf with skin softening ingredients

Soap n Things - Christmas gift under a tenner
Kilo loaf with ingredients that maintain healthy skin

Wrap in tissue or pretty paper.  

Just lay a sheet of greaseproof on any coloured tissue or paper so on the inside touching the soap.

Soap n Things - ideas for wrapping soap for Christmas
Gift wrap your soaps with pretty paper 

Or brown paper for a Dickens period look.

Paper and twine can be bought at the pound shop.

Buy a sheet of card and hand cut, decorate with black ink, glitter, sticky dots or Christmas embellishment, hole pouch and attach the tag to your gift.  Ideas are endless!

Soap n Things - old fashioned gift wrapped soap
Soap wrapped in brown paper and tied with jute string

Take a peek at these ideas on Pinterest - they are stunning!

These little packages by Pure Thoughts look as if they have been posted all the way from France!  A great idea.

And this silhouette wrap idea someone pinned from Pinterest is elegant in its simplicity 

I love the folded bag, tag and twine by Perfectly Imperfect.

And these soaps by Sundara are wrapped in such pretty paper are pretty. 


We hope this has given you ideas and can be found on Pinterest
it's amazing what you can find around the house to gift wrap soaps.
And I always think what a special gift ... not only would the recipient be chuffed with your Handmade Christmas but think how good it would make you feel!  A Kirsty Allsopp in triaiing!

Our lovely shops

You can order a loaf here:


Don't forget we have two Christmas competitions running...
Good luck with the competition and enjoy your Handmade Christmas!

PS we would really appreciate you sharing our post on social media. Thank you !

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Why not enter our Winter competition and win a luxurious treat for your nails?

Blended with butters, vitamin E and lemon essential oils, your nails and cuticles will become hydrated, smoother and with enhanced growth.  

Trust me, I test everything!

We created a solid balm in a tub so as you can carry in your handbag.
To soften, just rub a finger tip around the balm and apply to nails.

So, how do you enter?

Soap n Things - products for nail and cuticle nail care
Scented with lemon

The competition closes December 1st and is open to customers who have bought from us two or more times.

Just like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter (or both) 

Then copy our Facebook link onto your own page and tag us.

Tell us when you bought from us and which product on our Facebook page.

Soap n things - nail care for handbag
Blended with natural ingredients

Good luck!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Does Your Dog Hate Bathtime?

This dog hates his chemical brand shampoo!

"I refuse to take a bath!" 

Have you thought of using a natural shampoo and giving your pooch a bath he'll enjoy?

"I love my bathtime!"

An entire kilo loaf is ideal for a lots of cuddly pooches.

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium & Soap N Things - dog shampoo for multi dog household
kilo loaf

Castor oil creates lots of lovely foam and retains moisture in the fur and skin like a conditioner.  

Neem oil to deter bugs and help dermatological conditions.

Coconut oil is anti bacterial, cleansing and moisturising.

Olive oil nourishes.

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium & Soap N Things - dog shampoo to help skin and fur and kill fleas.
200g chunk

Did you know we handmake our shampoo by the old fashioned cold process method?
It cures for a minimum of four weeks then it is ready for you!

Your loaf or bar

Our doggy shampoo is ready for you online!

Treat your pooch this Christmas!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Prettily Wrapped Soaps Make a Wonderful Christmas Gift Idea

We have lots of colourful paper with designs such as floral, holly, feathers, stars.

So this year, The Bathtime Team have beautifully wrapped soaps and shampoo for you

Where is this store, you ask?  
Well, it's off the Market Square (nr the Halifax) in Wisbech, Cambs.

Here's the start. 
We lined the paper with greaseproof as our skin care contains plant oils.
Then rolled the paper around the soap and added our wrap.

Skin care gift s made with plant oils and essential oils

So easy for you to do too!

Online we sell kilo loaves from £9 (just click on any top tab on the home page).

Easy to handcut.

Easy to wrap : coloured paper, tissue, copier paper with coloured stickers or crayons, brown paper (from Poundland), twine, ribbon or wool.  Cut a tag from card (or last year's Christmas card!) and add a hand written note.

You'll get 10 No 100g bars or 5 No. 200g chunks

Not only will you have a British handmade Christmas gift but it keeps the expenditure down.

Add your own hand written tag.

We have lots of ideas why you might give wrapped skin care as a Christmas gift!

Christmas stocking fillers
Christmas tree gift
Gift for a teacher
Raffle prize
Gift for a friend or family member
Ideal for family with sensitive skin

Ta da!

These are some of our lovely skincare waiting for you in store if you don't have time to make your own. 
And if you'd like this as a gift ... tell hubby or your partner!

Oh, did I tell you, there's something for men too!

Soap n things - skin care gift wrapped soap as a Christmas gift idea
at The Cats Pyjamas

And guess what?  We’ll have these available at Long Sutton Barns in October too!
Ok, Long Sutton Barns is PE12 in Lincs.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Victorian Wrapped Skin Care and Pet Care for Christmas

Every one of our authentic soaps, foot scrub and shampoo are hand wrapped.

Even our pet shampoo. 

Would a loved one or friend be chuffed with a handmade skincare or something for their pet that is full of natural goodness and nutrients?

Available from our online shops.

Nestle beneath a Christmas tree in readiness for December 25th.

Soap n Things - wrapped soap rustcially

Our British Handmade postal stamp for nourishing skincare made with plant oils.

We wrap in brown paper and tie with twine - looks very Victorian

Soap n Things - gift ideas for Christmas

And our Soap n Things stamp mark.

Wonderful Christmas gift idea or stocking filler.

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium - rustically wrapped pet products

Our pet care has a paw print.

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium / Soap n Things - old fashiooned dog horse shampoo

Wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine too...

And stamped with Grumpy Joe.

Our Victorian wrapped pet skin care would look so lovely beneath a twinkling Christmas tree...

Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium / Soap n Things - shampoo for dogs equine

Our products are named after our real life Grumpy Joe, who is loved to bits.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Did You Know ...

Lots of what we make for your pet is safe and works for you too.


Soap n Things - soothing balm for skin
Suitable for humans too

I've had superficial wounds, bruises and soreness and on goes the balm.
The bruising lessens in a day.

The best ingredient is Neem Oil.

It's a natural ingredient used in India for centuries for healing.

How does neem oil help?

It is:

Excellent for dermatological conditions.
Wound healer
Contains vitamin E.

Has that convinced you?

Available in our ebay shop for £3.30 and free postage.

Has me!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Let's Buy Christmas Gifts from a Local Business or Online Artisan

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?

Department stores?

Super sized supermarket?

Have you thought of buying something handmade and unique from a local store or artisan who sells online?

Lots of us are Mum's or have a day job.  Even a husband that drives us nuts!

We work hard and often into the night to bring you our British handmade products that make an extra special present for someone you care about.

You'll know each product is not mass produced and machine made or put together in a sweat factory.

Every item is made with love and care.

There are so many of us ... 

Will you support your local business this Christmas and help them grow?

You make us smile when you like something so much that your kindly buy the product we made.

Most of us are a part of the Professional Crafters Guild

Soap n Things and Grumpy Joe's Emporium sells in lots of different places...


Or browse through Wisbech's own Portabello, The Cat's Pyjamas Emporium,  on Union Street (just off the Market Square), PE13

Long Sutton Barns in Long Sutton, PE12, which has unusual stuff, high quality and bigger products for the home and garden.  And smaller items such as bags, jewelry, brooches, ceramics  ... lots of loveliness to suit every one.

Lots of indoor and outdoor space for events too.

If you love history, particularly  Octavia Hill, a co-founder of the National Trust, then a visit to the museum in Wisbech is a must.  Located along the river at South Brink.  And if you happen to visit the gift shop ... you will find our soaps...

Our stock diary:

Cats Pyjamas: 
Stock removal Sept.
Individually wrapped skincare  -  in store 11th September
Gift boxes, gardener pot and soap, and Spa bags (send hubby in!) - early October

Long Sutton Barns:
Stock removal Sept.
Individually wrapped skincare,  Spa bags, gardener pot and soap, gift boxes back early October

Any soap, shampoo and foot care will be rustically wrapped (see top right of web-blog)
Spa bags and boxes online October 1st.

Don't forget, any online purchase normally gets a free gift (subject to availability).

 We'd love to hear form you on social media.  

Ray and I are so driven and would love our business to grow. 

 Any help from you lovely buyers would be must appreciated ... we have so many wonderful people who return and buy our luxuries and the feedback that our products work is amazing!  And that's for animal and humans.   

Even for me, my hair is thicker and my nails look lovely rather than breaking.  
And I have fallen for our creamy foot scrub.
The pet soothing balm is suitable for humans too and I have used it - and it does soothe.

So please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter if you have time.
Please tag us on your page and tell all your friends!  We have a double Winter competition and the more people who know about us the more fun we can offer you and your furballs!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Looking for a Crafters Community - Visit Crafters Cavern

A lovely lady called Janice invited me over to Crafters Cavern, a welcoming crafters community.

Why not join in the crafty chit chat and promote your business?

Christmas is coming too...

Here is a little something about there business.

"LIKES ARE INCREDIBLE AND SHARING IS CARING BUT COMMENTING COUNTS ON YOUR PAGE.   We are here to help you promote your business page. Giving you some useful advice along the way and hopefully getting you lots of sales. Join in with our daily activity and out markets and we will promote you all over Facebook.  Support us on a regular basis and you could become one of our featured crafters and we will put some of your products on our cover photo and do a write up about you and your business. And of course the website, where we feature our regulars and so much more."

And there mission.

To promote crafters everywhere and get your business seen.

There website is packed with stuff that can help you promote your business.  
I love Meet the Staff!

There is also an online craft shop last weekend of the month.

Why not pop over?  Tell us what you think.

We'd love to hear from you on facebook or twitter too!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I'm Looking for Christmas Cracker Gift Ideas

Summer is gradually coming to an end and now is the time to think about Christmas.

Oh no!  Only four months.... 

Maybe you craft and are looking for a little something to include with your home or travel creations.  

Perhaps you are making crackers to sell or with the kids and are searching for a small gift to nestle inside.

Or to keep the costs down this year, handmade presents to add to your own gift bags?

Handmade gifts are special ... especially if British!

Last year we were in Style at Home with our lip balms being the perfect Christmas cracker gift.

And our suggestion this year? Read on...

Soap n Things - Christmas crackers gift idea that are natural

Each little rose weighs approx 25g and made by the cold process method so cures for four weeks before ready to send off to you ... so vintage!

Did your Grandma make soap?
She would have made it the old fashioned way.

Soap n Things - under £10 gift ideas

Our soaps are authentic, moisturising, nourishing and made with fresh goats milk and pure plant oils.

Natural skincare is the best.

Soap n Things - making your own Christmas presents

Our shampoo is natural too and helps your hair is so many ways .... like not stripping it of its natural oils.

Every product made by us in rural Norfolk is handmade - nothing we make is machine made.

We comply with EU and UK legislation and have a full cosmetic licence.  We even include ingredients in Latin on our product wraps ... so that means we comply with the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).  Before being allowed to sell our authentic soaps, we had to submit our recipes for testing by a certified cosmetic chemist.  We passed!

And we do not do this either:

Feel free to get in touch.   
Prices start from £6 for 15 plus £3.20 carriage.
Pay by paypal.
Or we can drop off at in store (Wisbech) 
Don't forget ... once paid we need a minimum of four weeks to make so allow five.