Sunday, 8 December 2013

We are in Style at Home, January 2014 edition!

Good News!

Bath Bomb Creations is in Style at Home !

January 2014 edition.

Page 54 & 128

Lesley & Ray are over the moon!!

January 2014 edition
Unsure if anyone read the bottom of this post Style at Home ... so we have just been waiting for the magazine to appear on the shelf.

Just feels good and another little step forward do you not think?
And great to share good news?

Below is our Christmas tip!
We really thank Emily (deputy editor) and Jennifer (editor) for their emails and adding our lip balm tip.
 and have left our message on Style at Home facebook.

Our first sales of six balm order arrived that evening via ebay  ... perhaps for those handmade Christmas crackers.

Christmas Tip.

And as promised, we've been added to the stockists list on page 128.
Whoop! Whoop! Surrounded by big store names: Asda Drect, Dunelm, B&Q, Argos and eBay!


So, how many are making Christmas crackers this year?

And speaking of handmade, don't forget Handmade Monday!

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Picto said...

Well done, it's a great achievement.
I love the idea of popping a lip balm or even a bath bomb in a cracker.
Have a great week.

Jan x

inside 107 and 109 said...

congratulations :) x

Studio Kaufmann said...

That is so amazing! And well deserved. Linking up with Handmade Monday. Let me know about your experiences of selling your goodies at crafts fairs.

Teresa said...

Congrats on your publicity - I must say that your products sound divine!!! (I am enjoying my trip round the Handmade Monday posts)