Friday, 7 February 2014

Gift Wrapped All Natural Goats Milk Soap - £3

Craftseller always have lots of pretty paper inside there fantastic magazine.
The magazine is aimed at those within the crafting business.

We thought we'd add a selection of our All Natural Goats Milk soap nestled inside hand wrapped tantalizing paper, tied with ribbon with an added tag.

We also have a a Victorian chunk wrapped in 100% Silk too.

The tag can easily be removed if you have your own.

It makes a wonderful gift.

Our February 2014 price is £3.

Bath Bomb Creations #naturalbeauty #goatsmilk #personalisedgift
Every ingredient is natural

Bath Bomb Creations #psoriasis #eczema #babies #sensitiveskin
Makes a wonderful gift

Our prettily wrapped gifts are available online and in-store at The Cat's Pyjamas, Wisbech.

Bath Bomb Creations Full of powerful nutrients for the skin
Gift wrapped for him too!

And American store Etsy (UK branch)

Cats Pyjamas Emporium, Wisbech. Find our #naturalsoaps at #etsy #ebay #folksy #catspyjamas
Our soap is full of wonderful nutrients to help the skin

Or perhaps a personalised tag?

Bath Bomb Creations gift wrapped soaps
An unusual Valentine gift for her

Bath bomb Creations Natural goats milk soap as a beauty gift
An assortment of tags available

Be My Valentine
Happy Mothers Day
Happy Birthday
Happy Fathers Day
Natural Handmade Goats Milk Soap by Bath Bomb Creations.

Bath Bomb Creations. natural goats milk soap made with fresh goats milk
Wrapped for him...

Not forgetting eBay and Folksy

Bath Bomb Creations. Pure soap as a gift for the man in your life
Natural soap gift wrapped in 100% silk for him

Bath Bomb Creations. Natural soap in 200g Victorian chunks
Pretty in Pink ... pure soap is excellent for the skin

Bath Bomb Creations gift wrapped soaps for him
Does the man in your life prefer pure soap for his skin?

Bath Bomb Creations natural soap
A little present for a birthday, mothers day ... or simply to say you care

Bath Bomb Creations. Soap for beauty routine, psoriasis, eczema
Natural soap gift wrapped with its own tag.

Lesley & Ray would love to know what you think?
If this is something you would purchase as a gift?

I am busy making small gift bags as mothers day gifts from the kids to Mummy...

Don't forget to pop over to Wendy's Handmade Monday to see lots of other crafts...

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